Jul 15, 2010

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iPhone 4 possible recall to cost Apple 1.7 billion

Is Apple going to recall thier new shiny device? Well, according the Wall Street Journal, Apple does not have any plans of recalling the phone.

The Cupertino, Calif., company has called a news conference at its headquarters to discuss the issue Friday. Apple doesn’t plan to recall the phone, a person familiar with the matter said.

Apple engineers were aware of the risks associated with the new antenna design as early as a year ago, but Chief Executive Steve Jobs liked the design so much that Apple went ahead with its development, said another person familiar with the matter.

Now Apple has taken charge of this issue and has apparently found a or should I say, a couple solutions to this problem.

A) Steve Jobs came on stage on Friday July 15th and after a fifteen minute presentation, about why essentially ALL SMART PHONES have a “death grip” (TO NON-GEEKS Definition: If you hold the phone firmly in a position where your hand is covering the inner-antenna, the reception will deplete, die out, or simply say “No Reception” or the infamous “ROAMING” sign). Next he admitted the iPhone 4 AND THE 3GS were of those phones.

B) Also Mr.Steve said that the iOS4 (and lower) does not correctly display how many bars YOU ACTUALLY HAVE, and that the new iOS 4.0.1 fixes that issue.

C) Free Bumpers of Cases to every iPhone 4 owner! See images below for more!

Click Here to Watch the full Keynote Address regarding the iPhone 4 Antennagate.

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